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In 2012, the EU legislation mandated all car tyres to be properly labelled before they are made available for sale legally. All tyres available at Doorstep Tyre Fitting Ltd. come with their respective EU tyre labels. These labels give an idea of the performance parameters on which a tyre is rated. Therefore, the EU tyre labels help car owners make an informed buying decision.

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Breaking down the EU tyre label

The EU tyre label rates tyres on the basis of:

  • Fuel economy
  • Wet grip
  • External noise

Let’s understand these, one by one.

Fuel economy

While investing in a car tyre, this is one of the most important things to look for. A tyre is rated within a range of A to G, where tyres with grade ‘A’ offer the highest fuel efficiency, and those rated G provide the lowest fuel economy.

Wet grip

The braking efficiency of a tyre on wet surfaces is essential to ensure driving safety. The wet grip performance of a tyre is also rated from A to G, where A-rated tyres offer the best wet grip performance.

External noise

While rating noise levels as per the EU tyre labelling norms, only external noises are considered.

The EU tyre label denotes noise levels through three sound wave bars. These are:

One sound wave bar - This represents the lowest noise levels.

Two sound wave bars - This tyre generates more noise but might still meet future regulations.

Three sound wave bars - These are the noisiest tyres and are not compliant with the EU standards.

The EU tyre labelling regulations do not apply to these tyres:

  • Motorcycle tyres do not fall under this regulation.
  • Units manufactured and registered before 1st October 1990.
  • Temporary tyres
  • Run-flats
  • Space savers
  • Studded tyres with studs already installed, etc.

Now that you have understood how tyre labelling works and that you can buy superior quality tyres from us, you won't have to look for “tyres near me” anymore.

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