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It is crucial to purchase tyres as per the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures optimal vehicle performance and improved fuel efficiency. Fitting tyres of the incorrect size diminishes steering control and increases the chances of on-road incidents.

Doorstep Tyre Fitting Ltd. stocks a wide range of car tyres Swaffham from leading premium, mid-range and budget brands. Further, our experts can help you to understand the alphanumeric tyre size code so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Decoding the tyre size

Before we go into further details, first, let us take a sample tyre size.

205/55 R16 91H

205 – The first 3 digits in this code, 205, denote tyre width in millimetres. So, this tyre measures 205 mm across each sidewall.

55 – The following 2 digits, 55, depict this tyre’s aspect ratio in percentage. In this case, the tyre sidewall is 55% of its tyre width.

R – ‘R’ signifies that this particular model is a radial tyre.

16 – This is the rim diameter, measured in inches.

91 – It indicates this particular tyre’s maximum load-carrying capacity. When you multiply this number by 4, you can calculate the total load-bearing capacity of your car.

H – The last alphabet in the tyre code denotes the speed rating. It is the maximum speed at which the tyre can be driven safely, when optimally inflated. In this case it is 130 mph.

Therefore, purchasing vehicle-specific tyres of the proper size is instrumental in facilitating optimal car handling abilities.

Other tyre size information

E-marks: E-marks prove that the tyre conforms to the guidelines in the ECE Regulation 30-02. It is recommended to buy tyres with E-marks to drive legally in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, tyres with E-marks are not a mandate in the UK yet.

M+S: This symbol donates that the tyre meets all specifications to deliver reliable performance on wet tracks and challenging tarmacs. M stands for mud, while S stands for snow; these tyres have unique features to combat aquaplaning risks and offer enhanced grip even in difficult conditions, thereby ensuring your on-road safety.

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